Through its expertise in providing sustainable solutions, N-KOM ensures the integrity of the world’s energy and commodity supply chain in a safe and responsible manner.

Safety Starts With Me, Together We Care
Safety is a journey and our belief is ‘Safety Starts With Me, Together We Care’, which is the cornerstone of our policies and quality systems. We take a holistic approach toward safety to ensure that our policies are integrated into everyday lifestyle and aligned with the concept ‘Our Yard, Our Home’.

Our strong HSE culture is largely attributed to the success of our Safety Excellence Programme, which aims to create safety ownership and cultivate socially and environmentally responsible work behavior through empowerment, recognition and involvement of all our stakeholders. This, in addition to our relentless pursuit of service excellence, has garnered us industry-wide recognition for our capabilities, not only from clients but also from reputable international bodies such as ASME and API.
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