Industrial Engineering

With a dedicated team of experienced structural, mechanical, electrical and HVAC design engineers, and support from Keppel's group of companies, we are able to deliver high-quality industrial heavy fabrication projects & engineering solutions.

Industrial Engineering


  • Fabrication of land rigs (including its components)
  • Refurbishment & rigging up of existing land rigs
  • Design & fabrication of carbon pipe & exotic pipe spools
  • Machining large components & valves
  • Construction of marine & bespoke structures such as:
    - Floating dock
    - Mooring pontoon
    - Floating breakwater

Group Engineering Capabilities:


Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre (KOMTech) carries out research and development, product development and process technology.

Keppel Offshore Technology Department (KOM OTD) develops jack up rig designs by employing the latest technology and techniques and has patented several critical rig components.

Bennett & Associates
Bennett Offshore provides design and drafting services for liftboats (jack up accommodation), jack up rigs and floaters, including consultation services to the oil and gas industry.